Therapearl – Review

The Therapearl Back Wrap

The Therapearl Back Wrap

Therapearl is a product I came across after the North Downs Way 100. I had some extremely painful connective tissue issues between my shins and my feet. This was the most painful experience I have ever had and was probably a result of not just running 103 miles, but the slipping and sliding that took place on the night leg as the storm hit and the trail became very muddy and slippery.

In addition, my weakest area is my core. Its more of a keg than a six pack, which resulted in some significant lower back pain.

Therapearl is an interesting product as it can easily transition from a warm strapped pack to a cold one, which means I can use in a variety of ways depending on the injury.

Right now I am using the pack after my long weekend run in a warm fashion as I lie down or sit on the sofa. In the summer I used as a freezing pack on my legs and back. It is great to find something that has such variety and needs no cleaning or washing.

The version I have is this:

Whilst specifically designed for the back, it works really well as a tight strap on the shins or thighs as well.

Probably best not to wear on a plane.

Probably best not to wear on a plane.

Simply, if you want a warm strap you place it in the microwave for a minute or two and if you want cold, you place it in the freezer for a couple of hours. It couldn’t be simpler.

Some of the key stats are below:


2 hours until ready / frozen

Apply directly onto the skin

Doesn’t Drip

Stays cold for the doctor recommended 20 mins


Short warm up time in the microwave

Doesn’t scald skin

Apply before exercise to increase blow flow to injury area

Comes with a strap so you can get on with your day

The range starts at £7.99 and you can buy online from Lloyds Pharmacy.

I’m not really one for too many gadgets or gimmicks but this really works and keeps it simple.



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