Summer & Plans

I haven’t written on here for a while. In some respects that’s because I haven’t had a huge amount to say, as running has been a little flat. In others, I have just been too busy to give the blog a second thought.

On 6th July I started a new job in London. It means four nights away each week and three back home. In addition, I have been living out of a suitcase until my accommodation in London is ready (as of tomorrow), so with a hectic new job, back and forth on tubes and trains, in hotels and with friends, running has been lost a little.

But, every cloud…just before I started work I knew the first couple of weeks would be like this and having read a lot about recent overtraining stories I put no pressure on myself and just went with the flow. It’s healthy to have a break every now and then.

Yes, its the height of the season, but my ‘A’ race is behind me and it is nice to not feel the pressure to train too much when I just don’t have the time. From next week, it will ramp back up.

That said, last Wednesday, on the 3rd day of the new job, I was roped into the JP Morgan Challenge, a 5.6K route around Battersea Park. I had never run a race this short before so just opted to go flat out until I could no longer go flat out and see what happens. I got it done in 23 minutes and that also involved a lot of weaving as the wave I started in was too far back, so I was pretty happy overall.There was also a tube strike on that day, so I had a further 5 mile run back to the mainline train after the run. Jelly legs just about describes that one.

I’d like to see where I could go with this distance over the winter and maybe a sub 20 5k time isn’t out of the question.

Coming up to the finish of the JP Morgan 5.6k Challenge

Heel strike all the way

Next weekend, on Sunday 26th I return to the Bath Trail Marathon and cannot wait. This is a great race and I intend to race this as hard as I can. I finished in 20th place in 4:30 a couple of years ago and would like to think I can get this down to 4:15 on a good day. Considering the course profile, that would push me more towards a 3:30 road marathon which is my goal in the Autumn.

Then it’s back to the North Downs to pace Dan Park for the last 40 miles of this two weeks later, followed by the big one, the Cotswold Way Century at the end of September. 102 miles of the Cotswold Way end to end, finishing in Bath with over 12,000 ft of ascent on an essentially unmarked course. I can’t wait to run this, having volunteered the last two years.

And to end the year, flights aren’t booked yet, but I think I’d like to get back out to Brazos Bend and try and run a sub 22 (or maybe 21…) hour 100 miler there. A lot has happened since I last set foot in Houston and it would be fitting to round off the year by returning.


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In August 2011 I heard the term 'Ultramarathon' for the first time and have been obsessed ever since. I am not a race winner but hope to inspire as I have been inspired- I am by no means a natural athlete and if I can do it, anyone can. Having completed my first ultra in August 2012 I have just got started...and I am here for the journey.
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