I am a runner who is steadily improving having discovered ultramarathons in 2011. Here I post race reports and my thoughts on running, particularly ultramarathons, as I develop as a runner and as a person.

My goal is to race some of the biggest events on the ultra calendar including Western States, UTMB, Pine to Palm and Hardrock…but all in good time.

In 2014 I plan to race more competitively in the UK and in 2015 internationally.


6 Responses to About

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks you leaving a message on the OMM website but your didn’t leave a contact email.

  2. fatdrsous says:

    This blog is fantastic I’ve enjoyed reading your journey so far Tim! Mine has just started! Perhaps we will meet on trail one day my friend.



  3. Philip Milne says:

    Hi could you tell me what model the Oakley glasses are?

    • Hi Philip- I am afraid I dont know the exact make. They were in the sale as frames so I guess a year old at least, but if you show the photo to an optician that stock them I am sure they can help.

  4. Mick Farrar says:

    Brilliant blog, very readable!

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