I am a runner who is steadily improving having discovered ultramarathons in 2011. Here I post race reports and my thoughts on running, particularly ultramarathons, as I develop as a runner and as a person.

My goal is to race some of the biggest events on the ultra calendar including Western States, UTMB, Pine to Palm and Hardrock…but all in good time.

In 2014 I plan to race more competitively in the UK and in 2015 internationally.


8 Responses to About

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks you leaving a message on the OMM website but your didn’t leave a contact email.

  2. fatdrsous says:

    This blog is fantastic I’ve enjoyed reading your journey so far Tim! Mine has just started! Perhaps we will meet on trail one day my friend.



  3. Philip Milne says:

    Hi could you tell me what model the Oakley glasses are?

    • Hi Philip- I am afraid I dont know the exact make. They were in the sale as frames so I guess a year old at least, but if you show the photo to an optician that stock them I am sure they can help.

  4. Mick Farrar says:

    Brilliant blog, very readable!

  5. heaph3 says:

    Hey Tim, just heard you on UltraRunnerPodcast! Has to be one of my favourite episodes (no joke)…maybe because you mention the South Downs Way which is where I’m from before I jumped ship to NZ.
    But it was great to hear from another Brit on that show…..who uses celsius 😉

    I wanted to ask you one question though if that’s alright? As someone who is also finding their way in the ultra-world, I too struggle with fueling. You rave about Tailwind as solving your problem, along with a lot of other people in the world. However I seem to struggle with getting ‘sugared out’ by drinking it, so I wondered if you’d be willing to share how to use your Tailwind for long stuff without suffering effects of too much sugar in the stomach or the tastebuds?

    Keep up the great work mate, I’ll definitely be cheering you on from this hemisphere!


    • Hi Ben- thanks so much for the note and I am delighted you enjoyed the podcast! Tailwind wise, I think there is a ‘naked’ flavour which has less sugar in and is easier to digest. I tend to break it up by not consuming sugar at aid stations and sticking to savoury items so that I only get the sugar in from the tailwind. I guess its trial and error as to what is right for your body. It took me years to find a decent balance and it still sometimes goes horribly wrong with me bent double at the side of the trail evacuating! Very best of luck on your journey!

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